What to expect in a free consultation with Marquardt Law Firm, P.C.

Thank you for scheduling an initial consultation with Todd A. Marquardt, B.A., J.D. “Marquardt” is pronounced Mark-Quart (like a quart of milk). 

Please read this letter so that you have a good idea about Mr. Marquardt’s experience and what to expect during your initial consultation.

Mr. Marquardt is licensed by the State Bar of Texas and the State Bar of New Mexico to practice law, to give legal advice, and to advocate in court in front of judges. He is also accredited by the Veterans Board of Appeals to file application for Veterans benefits and to represent veterans in appeals. Mr. Marquardt earned his juris doctor from St. Mary’s University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts degree from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces New Mexico. He has ten years of experience helping people in situations like yours. The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys published an article he wrote titled Inadequate Government Programs and the Struggle for Long Term Care. Mr. Marquardt is recognized by the College of the State Bar of Texas for completing at least double the number of required hours for continuing education. He has also been selected to the Texas Rising Stars list each year from 2013 to 2016. No more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor.

How long will this take?

You can expect your initial consultation to take about one hour of time. In order to better serve you and your family’s needs, the following client responsibilities for a complimentary consultation are required: 

Who should attend the initial consultation?

All decision makers for the selection of professionals and services must be present for the consultation. Mr. Marquardt will ask whether everyone who helps you decide whether or not to hire an attorney is present. If everyone is not at the meeting, we must cancel or reschedule the appointment.

What personal and family information will be necessary for a productive consultation?

Mr. Marquardt will spend the first few minutes of the consultation getting to know you. Your marital status, financial situation, and your family dynamics are important in our assessment of each individual case, and better enables us to answer legal questions that are unique to you and your situation.

Will you answer all the questions that I have within the one hour consultation?

Every effort will be made to answer your questions, however some questions may require extensive research and may not be able to be answered in the one hour consultation. The purpose of the free consultation is for you to determine if you feel Marquardt Law Firm is the right law firm for you and for our firm to assess the unique details of your case. Once you agree to hire our firm as your attorney, we will begin all work needed for your individual case. Please be prepared to decide by the conclusion of the complimentary consultation if it is Marquardt Law Firm that you want to represent you.

How much will your services cost me?

Like a doctor’s visit, we must first diagnose the problem before we can prescribe solutions. Scope and cost of services will be provided to you upon determination of your individual goals and the extensiveness of the case.