About Us

Marquardt Law Firm’s Service to You

Marquardt Law Firm focuses on Business and Estate Law in Texas and New Mexico. Marquardt Law Firm would like to help you plan in advance before something bad happens. At Marquardt Law Firm, we anticipate the unexpected and plan for the unknown by establishing legally enforceable plans to reduce future conflict.

We can help you understand the legal process. We are careful and thoughtful about helping you start a new business, incorporate your growing company, or protect your legacy and plan your Will and estate.

Marquardt Law Firm’s Client Service

Marquardt Law Firm cares about you. The difference between the service we provide and the service any other attorney provides is that we’re approachable and accessible. Marquardt Law Firm answers the phone and returns phone calls. We’re not too busy to talk to you. We value your concerns. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service as well as excellent legal service.

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to counsel and guide individuals, families, and businesses by going above and beyond to provide client centered legal representation. We find fulfillment in knowing our clients have peace of mind, a sense of preparedness and protection moving forward.”

You can count on us to:

  • Take time to listen to and learn about your questions, dreams and fears;
  • Answer the phone, return calls, and reply to emails; and
  • Inform our clients about cutting edge legal strategies;

As we design and implement:

  • Legal solutions for owner managed businesses to protect the business from family and protect family from the business;
  • Legal solutions for those who worked hard, saved for retirement, and dream of leaving a legacy;
  • Legal solutions for aging adults with disabilities and caregivers to save money and qualify for government benefits; and
  • Legal solutions for executors, personal representatives, and trustees to reduce conflict and fulfill fiduciary responsibilities.

Unwavering Client Standards

  • To adhere to the Ethical Standards as dictated by the American Bar Association, the State Bar of New Mexico and the Texas State Bar.
  • To provide every client with the information they need to make decisions.
  • To maintain a network of ethical and integral colleagues in order to refer or gain information for my clients when their questions may require a different level of knowledge or expertise.
  • To respond in a timely and immediate manner to clients questions and concerns.
  • To always remain a student of the law to provide clients with the most up to date and relevant legal advice.