Top 2 Social Media Sites after Death

Online Legacy

Online Legacy

What is your online legacy? We all have one. We have email, Facebook, Linked In, and Shutterfly. Some of us only use the internet for email and others of us store all of our family photographs in the cloud. Are these assets – email letters and photographs – things that you want to bequest to your heirs?

Google led the pack when it announced its “inactive account manager.” The inactive account manager lets you designate someone to receive access to your Google accounts after your Google account remains inactive for a certain period of time. Facebook recently announced its “legacy account.” the legacy account allows you to name someone to manage your Facebook profile after you die.

Next time you meet with your estate planning lawyer. Tell him or her that you would like to bequest your online legacy in addition to your real estate, retirement account, and favorite pair of cowboy boots.

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  • Marquardt is always ahead of the game! Impressive new! I want to add legacy for geneolgy. Thanks for the update!

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