Ten Day Deadline for Medicaid

If you don't meet Medicaid deadlines you will be ineligible for benefits

If you don’t meet Medicaid deadlines you will be ineligible for benefits

Have you been denied Long Term Care Medicaid because information was not returned within ten days of the date of Form 1020? Texas Health and Human Services Commission requires applicants to submit requested information within 10 days of a request in Form 1020. HHSC notifies applicants of ineligibility of long-term care Medicaid if this information is late.

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Everyone knows a Medicaid applicant may keep his or her car and still qualify for long-term care Medicaid. You might be surprised to learn that there is a long list of assets that are considered to be exempt and that HHSC does not count when evaluating an application for benefits. I caution Medicaid applicants when discussing the list of  exempt assets because there are additional considerations an applicant should know before taking action: (1) proof of purchase; (2) avoiding family conflict and maintaining family harmony; (3) appreciation and depreciation; (4) tax consequences; and (5) applicant’s marital status.

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  • Thought-provoking suggestions , I was enlightened by the info – Does someone know where I could get a template 2011 MI UIA-1020 example to type on ?

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