Smell this Contract for Me

You have faced a situation that just didn’t smell right. Haven’t you? Most of the time the situations that do not smell right feel like there is a deal that is too good to be true. You like when things are in your favor so you think about all the favorable aspects of the agreement. Over the years I have seen the unfavorable results of people signing a contract that was too good to be true in the following circumstances:

  • Purchase owner financed residential home;
  • Subcontractor agreement;
  • Home remodeling contract;
  • Foundation repair contract;
  • Residential real estate rental/lease;
  • Purchasing a franchise; and
  • Employee handbook provisions.

When some situation smells good – too good – we are more likely to ignore the red flags. That’s why it is a good idea to have an attorney on retainer. The retainer serves to ensure the attorney is available to take your call, review your contract, and advise you about your rights and responsibilities under the proposed contract. You might continue to follow your nose of the pleasantly smelling situation, but at least you will do so with eyes open, having a better idea of what the disadvantages might be.  Check out our website to see the types of contracts our attorneys have reviewed.

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