Scary Hidden Disadvantages of Living Together but not Married

Characters: Skeleton bride wraps arms around groom. Spooky Halloween wedding.Imagine this: Your partner is hospitalized and you can’t get access because you aren’t married. Or your partner needs a family member to make important legal or financial decisions, but it can’t be you because you aren’t considered a relative without marriage. If you decide you don’t want to get married, do call us to get you the legal documentation you’ll need to validate and protect your rights.

As an unmarried partner though, you would have no legal right to anything belonging to your significant other.

Imagine this: You and your partner live together, but your partner is on the lease or the owner of the home and your partner becomes incapacitated or dies. You could lose your housing while also grieving your partner’s illness or death. Legal documentation can fix this.

Now that you have seen the scary images of what life could be like if something tragic happens to your partner/significant other, click here to find out what to do about it. Attorney Brittany L. Lastition will discuss options with you. 

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