Recently Married? Plan Now and Save! Or Forever Hold Your Peace (or lack thereof…)

Wedding 3 (002)Getting married is a major lifetime event that deserves to be celebrated, so congratulations! It also deserves to be done right, which means, after getting over that celebration the “adulting” continues and there are a few more important steps that must be handled. While you’re busy updating or changing insurance policies, reviewing beneficiaries, maybe opening new bank accounts together, a task that simply cannot be overlooked is addressing your recently joined estate planning needs!

We know that estate planning is not romantic, and the last thing you want to do is think about the death or incapacity of your newly betrothed. We also know however, that 2 things are certain in life; death and taxes. Just like paying taxes, planning for the inevitable is a task that simply MUST be done. And it is especially crucial in the early stage of your married life, for many reasons. For example: It’s unlikely that you own everything jointly right away; even if you do, you do NOT want to leave important legal and financial choices up to outside family members, or someone appointed by a random judge.

Before something happens and it’s too late, work with an attorney to get YOUR plans in place now. In a planning session with our firm you will learn how you can make sure your new spouse will be the one to:

Make legal and financial decisions for you, if you cannot

Make medical decisions for you, if you cannot

Receive your home and assets if something happens to you, instead of them going to other family members

Make decisions regarding how to handle the rest of your estate instead of leaving it up to the law

We know money can be tight after a wedding, so we are offering all newlyweds (married within the last year) $250 off if you schedule your consultation in July! Consider it our wedding gift to you.

What you can expect in a consultation or “planning session” with our firm…

BrittanyLastitionIt is our goal to provide education to our community about what would happen if something were to happen to you today. This means, we provide a practical explanation of who would get what, how they would get it, and on what timeline. Sometimes this lines right up with what people want and they are comfortable with how things are, and they leave our office with a bit more peace of mind. Most of the time, however, this process provides clarity; after hearing what would happen, clients identify what they want to avoid and what they want to ensure. From there, we discuss how to put that into place and we design an estate plan to achieve their unique goals. Some clients are interested in avoiding probate altogether, while others just want to

formalize who is to get their assets or look after their children if and when something happens to them. Our clients choose their own prices for legal services based on their unique goals and leave with a solid understanding of how the law will affect their families in various situations. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you put aside your uncertainties about what happens in the worst case scenarios.

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