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Veteran Benefits

"I highly recommend this firm if you have a loved one who is having to go to a Nursing Home.

Here is my sorry story:
A year ago I was told I had to put my wife in a skilled nursing facility, she is only 57, but MS has so ravished her brain she doesn't remember well, especially her short term memory. I talked to a couple of skilled nursing long term facility and learned I needed a trust fund. I was given a couple of recommendations. One said he could do the trust for 800 dollars.

I also checked out Maquette. First person I talked to of course was the receptionist. She was a nice lady. Then I was called in to a room and talked to an ex marine. He asked me all the back ground. Then I met with Marquardt. He explained a lot. One of the things he told was how the state could take my property to pay the nursing home. With the right paper work he could keep that from happening. He also explained other documents he would file with the court.

He then gave me a price. It was on the neighborhood of fifteen hundred dollars. I paid the man. I could have gone back to the less expensive guy. But sometimes you get what you pay for.

They filled out forms I and my wife had to sign. Rather then us going to them, the marine meet us at the nursing home.

Marquardt also saw to it that my wife received medicare and Medicaid. And if anything comes up in the future I know someone who can handle it.

All in all they helped me through a very difficult time. I highly recommend this firm of you have a loved one who is having to go to a nursing home. There are a lot of bases to be covered and most people have no idea. So it is nice to have someone help and guide you through. Santa will probably leave them a little something extra in their stocking this year.” - Bruce W.

Elder Law has many elements and most people find having caring, supportive and aggressive legal representation to look out for their best interests, is simply a smart thing to have.

You don't have to face it alone...

Applying for government benefits to pay for long term care is difficult, and often warrants assistance from an outside source. You may be approached by individuals who claim they can help you qualify for Medicaid to pay for long term nursing home care or to qualify for aid and attendance through the Office of Veteran Affairs. Federal and State law regulates who may legally help you apply for government benefits. The only individuals who can legally help you with Medicaid are licensed lawyers and the only individuals who can legally help you with VA benefits are attorneys and agents who are accredited to practice before the VA.

Someone who helps you qualify for Medicaid commits a class A misdemeanor if that person is not a licensed attorney (Tex. Hum. Res. Code § 12.001). A person commits a criminal offense if he or she represents, aids, or assists an applicant or recipient with a Medicaid application. A person also commits a criminal offense if he or she advertises, or solicits assistance directly from Medicaid and Health and Human Services on an applicant’s behalf.

The Office of Veteran Affairs also regulates who may assist applicants. By law, an individual must be accredited by the VA as an agent, attorney, or representative of a VA-recognized service organization to assist in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of a claim for VA benefits. 38 U.S.C. §§ 5901-5902, 5904; 38 C.F.R. § 14.629.

When someone suggests that you might qualify for Medicaid for VA aid and attendance, ask for an elder law attorney or an attorney accredited to practice before the VA.

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