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Business Law Testimonials

"I can feel very rested knowing that I have a great protector for my family at my side who will NEVER let me down. It is like having a group of Cowboys offensive linemen protecting you.” - Dr. Mark

Seguin Business Law

"Todd won my case against crazy customer. Would recommend him.” - Chris

San Antonio Business Litigation

"I have recommended Todd Marquardt to my clients for a number of years. I have also recommended Mr. Marquardt to members of my family. I refer people to Todd because he is a competent Attorney and takes care of the people who are in need of his expertise.” - Richard

San Antonio Business and Estate Law

"Todd really goes out of his way to make sure his clients are well taken care of. He provides high quality service and truly is a lawyer you can trust.” - Doug

San Antonio Business Law

"Todd provides excellent legal advice and genuinely cares his clients. I have referred several cases to Todd and have heard positive feedback from the clients.” - John

San Antonio Business Law

"I have had Todd take care of several business issues. He handled them appropriately and expediently. I have also recommended Todd to other business owners who have complimented his work. He is a committed professional.” - John

San Antonio Business Law

"Mr. Marquardt really knows how to handle your needs. He doesn't try to provide a service that doesn't fit your needs. His experience, knowledge, and background shows in his work. He prepared a Website Development Contract for me, Pelzario Designs. It enable me to present my services to my clients in a professional manner. They felt confident that everything they needed was written in the contract because it was so well organized. I strongly recommend Todd Marquardt. He is a good attorney, friend, and person.” - Adam

San Antonio Contracts and Corporations Law

"Todd knows his stuff and takes care of clients like they are family. He and his firm has the resources and expertise to help their client reach their goals.” - Chance

San Antonio Business Law

"I needed to register my limited liability company in the state of Texas and the Marquardt Law Firm took care of this task quickly and efficiently. Todd is an effective attorney and I would recommend him to anyone needing a business attorney in Williamson County.” - Andy

Georgetown Business Law