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Hiring & Firing

Human Resources and Employment Agreements

  • Employment agreement
  • Executive employment agreement
  • Managerial employment agreement
  • Part-time employment agreement
  • Company policy on conflicts of interests
  • Company policy on business ethics
  • Executive employment termination letter
  • Transition agreement
  • Termination agreement with general release

Employee Confidentiality and Innovations Assignment

  • Employee confidentiality and innovations assignment agreement
  • Employee exit interview worksheet
  • Letter to terminated employee

Employee Non-competition and Non-solicitation Agreement

  • Employee non-competition and nondisclosure agreement
  • Confidentiality and non-solicitation agreement

Executive and Employee Compensation and Benefits

  • Employee compensation and benefits investigation worksheet
  • Basic profit sharing employee policy statement
  • Model executive stock bonus plan
  • Model deferred compensation plan
  • Deferred compensation agreement based upon bonus plan earnings
  • Executive severance agreement

Stock Incentive Plans and Agreements

  • Employee stock purchase agreement
  • Incentive stock option agreement
  • Non-statutory stock option agreement
  • Incentive stock plan
  • Stock award agreement
  • Phantom stock plan
  • Performance share plan
  • Restricted stock purchase agreement
  • Employee stock purchase and shareholder agreement

Employment Law

  • Employment law compliance investigation worksheet
  • Computer use and internet policy
  • Employee leasing agreement
  • Employee handbook
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • Telecommuting agreement
  • Outsourcing services agreement

Independent Contractors

  • Independent contractor agreement
  • General consultant and independent contractor agreement
  • Independent salesperson agreement
  • Work-for-hire independent contractor
  • Subcontractor agreement