Business Law

By completing this easy to finish online form, this will be the beginning blueprint for designing the business entity.

Flat fixed fee or affordable monthly retainer depends on the facts and circumstances of you and your business.

We accept selected business clients who value our time and experience, who will listen to our advice, and who engage in ethical business practices.

True retainer only $299 per month for a twelve month commitment includes the cost of your new single member business entity and more to be provided throughout the year:

  • Quick questions answered within 3 hours
  • Simple questions answered within 12 hours
  • Complicated questions answered within 24 hours
  • Employee contracts, employee handbooks, advice regarding hiring and firing, contracts for vendors, suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers, etc.
  • Litigation costs extra and is only provided if we accept the case and only if you have significant funds to finance litigation
  • Representation for purchasing a business or for selling a business costs extra and is only provided if we accept your case

"When I needed an LLC, Todd set it up for me. Since then, Todd has handled all of my legal work for me pointing out pitfalls that I never realized existed.” - Herb Nordmeyer

"I can feel very rested knowing that I have a great protector for my family at my side who will NEVER let me down. It is like having a group of Cowboys offensive linemen protecting you.” - Dr. Mark, Seguin

"I have had Todd take care of several business issues. He handled them appropriately and expediently. I have also recommended Todd to other business owners who have complimented his work. He is a committed professional.” - John, San Antonio