How do I get money for being stationed at Camp Lejeune?

Cruising near MontrealRecently created regulations favor veterans who have served at Camp Lejeune.

For years, the Veterans’ Administration continuously denied service-connected disability benefits for Veterans who suffer from severe medical conditions as a result to their exposure to contaminants while serving their country at Camp LeJeune and surrounding bases. The science was there to support the veteran’s claims, but unfortunately the V.A. was less supportive. Until recently.

Early this year, VA enacted a new regulation that gives a presumption of service-connection to veterans who served at Camp LeJeune and the surrounding bases and have certain medical conditions (listed below). This will allow veterans and their families to finally receive some long-awaited relief.

Now, veterans who are suffering because of their exposure at Camp LeJeune will have a significantly easier time receiving disability benefits.

What Does This Mean For You?

Were you previously denied for a claim? Appeal, if you have time! If more than a year has passed, it is likely too late to file your appeal, but you can reopen your claim. If you were denied before March of this year, you will want to get your case back in front of VA now that this new regulation has gone into effect making it easier for qualifying veterans and their families, to be approved for benefits. 

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