How Can I Change My Role from Caregiver to Caring Family Member by Hiring an Elder Law Attorney?

How Can I Change My Role from Caregiver to Caring Family Member by Hiring an Elder Law Attorney?

Unhappy woman's form double exposed with paint splatter effectHow can an elder law attorney help someone who lives with and cares for someone who is disabled or suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? How can I afford to pay for help with frustrating behaviors of someone who has lost memory or doesn’t make good rational decisions? How can I get help with the stress, hard work, cleaning up constantly, and redirecting someone with no breaks?

Your circumstances are unique, but in our experience, we have helped people in similar todd mamaw and mothersituations. We have heard these similar stories of many husbands, wives, adult children, and extended family members. You might be able to trade your role as an unpaid orderly for the role you really want – the role of a loving caring family member. Many situations are helped when elder law attorneys and care managers develop a care plan for either non-medical home provider care, assisted living, memory care, or nursing community care. Strategies and advice from attorneys who care about your loved one and you for solutions that might include helping your loved one to qualify for government benefits to help pay the high cost of the services your loved one needs.

Business meditationOnce your shift your role from caregiver to caring family member, you can show your love without doing all the heavy lifting in a much less stressful way. Relieving caregiver stress by bringing in a paid caregiver or moving your loved one into assisted living, memory care, or a nursing home will allow you to focus on caring in other ways. You could oversee and supervise the caregivers, visit, or read out loud to your loved one.

My grandmother asked me to read her the twenty-third Psalm from the Bible. As I read the words and tears fell from my eyes I thought of her visualizing the stream of calm waters described in the passage. I wouldn’t have had the patience or the strength to read that to her if I had the duty of cleaning her up in the restroom or helping her bathe. Thank God, our family made the difficult decision for her to get the care she needed in a qualified nursing community.

You can trade your role from caregiver to caring family member too. Our attorneys have over sixty years of combined legal experience. Call us at 210-530-4278, 512-766-3782, or 575-430-2353 for a consultation, and we will explain our process for listening to your concerns, diagnosing your needs, and prescribing legal solutions you may not have known existed.

Feel free to visit click here to learn more about how government benefits might help pay the high cost of long-term care.

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