Emergency or Temporary Probate

5 Probate Emergencies

If you haven’t ever faced a probate emergency you probably wonder what kind of situation would require an emergency probate proceeding. It doesn’t happen everyday. Most people have their affairs in order or they just don’t have Murphy or Mayhem in their lives. There are five situations when you realize you have a probate emergency:

(1) the life insurance policy is locked in a safe deposit box and no one has access or authority to access the box and the funeral home or cemetery needs to be paid;

(2) the will or trust is locked in the safe deposit box and business associates, vendors, suppliers, or family members need to know who the executor is

(3) a will contest has broken out and disputing potential beneficiaries want to secure the deceased person’s assets and property;

(4) the deceased person’s business will suffer immediate harm unless an administrator is appointed to run the business; and

(5) a lawsuit must be filed or answered within time limits or be barred by statute of limitations.