Elder Law, Medicaid, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Guardianship, and Business Law

You may have seen Marquardt Law Firm’s overlapping circles depicting our focus on Elder Law, Medicaid, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Guardianship, and Business Law.  Check out www.MarquardtLawFirm.com if you haven’t seen it yet.  The bond that holds those circles together is asset protection.

We find solutions for “thousandaires” to millionaires.  Millionaires are often looking for exemptions, deductions, and credits to pay less in taxes.  People in the middle class, the poor, the working poor, blue-collar workers – whatever you want to call ’em – want to maximize the tax dollars they have paid by using government benefits.

Our focus seems like a long list.  Would you want your asset protection attorney to be clueless about probate if he is drafting your will?  Would you want him to shy away from taxes when he’s setting up your business entity?  Would you approve of his opposition to government entitlements if you are responsible for finding nursing care for your parents?

As the managing attorney for Marquardt Law Firm, I pride myself on going beyond what is required of me when it comes to continuing education…I am a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas because I have exceeded the number of hours that is mandatory for continuing legal education.  I am always looking for ways to increase my professional acuity.  My current education goal is to earn the Board Certification in Estate Planning and Probate and be designated as a Certified Elder Law Attorney.

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  • There are so many different facets to elder law, things seem to intertwine. I’m glad we have Todd to answer the many questions our family has had this year. He’s very knowledgeable and if he doesn’t know the answer, he will tell you and then research it to find the answer

  • My family turned to Todd for help this year when we really needed asistance in his chosen areas of specialization. Todd’s expertise and tenacity resulted in a very favorable outcome for us. Todd does not take “No” for an answer when he knows he is right! Todd knows what he is doing!

  • As a senior citizen, I never realized my attorney would know everything about everything that I currently have going on in my life. My big concerns lately have been my social security disabilty, medicare, medicaid, prescription drug coverage, and hospital coverage. Todd Marquardt is currently assisting me with those issues. In addition, Mr. Marquardt is right there by my side concerning issues with hospice, caregivers, and even funeral arrangements. Please note: his assistance and knowledge of the law and all of the interworkings of the different programs for the elderly has helped me immensely! If I ever have a question, he is “johnny on the spot” to help me!

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