Dream Big!

A good friend gave me a book called The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  You have probably heard about it.  Randy Pausch is the professor who wrote about his last months while suffering from pancreatic cancer.

I enjoy the book most because Dr. Pausch emphasizes the benefits of dreaming and achieving dreams – not the kind you have while you’re asleep – but the kind that we should spend our lives accomplishing.  Dr. Pausch’s dream was to be an imaginer.  He had a student who dreamed of working on Star Wars films.  Guess what?  They both achieved their dreams.  You can too.

My dream was to own my own business.  I encourage you to follow your dreams.  Write down your goals that will help you achieve your dream.  Better yet, I challenge you to share your dreams with others. 

If you have dreams to be financially successful, to retire young and travel the world, or to be a philanthropist, talk to your financial advisor.  Find someone you trust who will walk you through the financial process – from starting a budget to investing in stock.  Don’t have one?  Ask your friends, family, or trusted attorney to refer someone.  You will never regret dreaming big dreams and achieving.  “Most of the things worth doing in this world had been declared impossible before they were done.”  Louis D. Brandeis.

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  • Interesting article. Dreams and goals change through the years with the aging process. As a teenager, the only dream I had was to get married, have children, and be a stay at home mom. When that dream failed, my goal became to survive as a single mom. Next, my greatest dream and goal was to graduate from college and help or assist other people survive life’s challenges. My current goal, with the Lord’s assistance, is to successfully assist my mother while she declines with Alzheimers. I must have shown my children how to dream and make goals, because in one way or the other, they all have dreams. We must always challenge life and try to live our best life.

  • I appreciate the thoughts about accomplishing dreams, as this is one of the areas I struggle with. I find it difficult in my day-to-day activities to focus on the things that I’ve set out to do because of ‘the grind’. However, I can always be sure that when I tell someone about the missions I want to accomplish (especially my wife), I will more often than not stay on track.

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