Don’t Do-It-Yourself

man gets a shock with his home improvements

Free Consultation and Professional Courtesy Discount on all Wills and Estate Planning Services for Physicians and Health Care Providers. It’s our way of Thanking You for your Selfless Sacrifice to keep us safe.

There are news reports of over-stressed physicians on the front lines of the war against COVID-19, desperately writing do-it-yourself wills in an attempt to protect their families from the hazards of the war zone they are working in. Every physician knows the success, or lack of it, of do-it -yourself prescribing and medical treatment by the general layman, and unfortunately, the same is true of non-attorneys writing wills. The attorneys at Marquardt Law Firm feel that those who are risking their lives for humanity deserve better. For that reason, and in humble gratitude for the efforts of our health care community, Marquardt Law Firm is offering free legal consultation and a professional courtesy discount on all wills and estate planning for physicians and health care providers.

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