Agreements in the old days were sealed by a handshake. Written agreements are valuable to your business because written agreements clarify the parties’ goals and understanding and in some cases must be in writing in order for courts to enforce them. Next time you think about buying a contract off the internet make sure you read the business and commerce code first.

  • Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions
  • Long-term Purchase Agreement
  • Goods Supply Agreement
  • Distributor Relationship Letter of Intent
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Product Test Agreement
  • Term Sheet for Vendor Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement 
  • Manufacturing License Agreement
  • Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement
  • Manufacturing and Inventory Management Agreement
  • Requirements Agreement
  • Sales Representative Agreement
  • Computer Hardware and Software Products Distributor Agreement
  • Exclusive Territorial Distributor Agreement
  • Standard Dealer Purchase Agreement
  • Product Warranty Policy
  • Electronic Data Interchange Agreement
  • Warranty Policy
  • Maintenance Agreement
  • Agreement with Third-Party Provider for Maintenance Services
  • Parts and Services Distributor Agreement
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Public Relations Services Agreement
  • Advertising Agency Agreement
  • Advertising Contract

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Comprehensive Negotiation Procedures
  • Comprehensive Mediation Procedures
  • Comprehensive Arbitration Procedures
  • Dispute Resolution Procedures
  • Mediation Agreement
  • Arbitration Agreement

Repair and Maintenance Agreement

  • General Contract for Repair or Service of Goods
  • Building Maintenance Agreement

Consulting Agreement

  • Consulting and Stock Option Agreement
  • Management Services Agreement
  • Agreement with Advertising Consultant
  • Agreement to Provide Management Services

Professional Services Agreement

  • Terms and Conditions for Professional Services Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement for Engagement of Accountant
  • Contract for Architectural Services

Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sales

  • Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Property
  • Agreement for Exchange of Real Property
  • Option and Buy and Sell Agreement
  • Letter of Intent to Purchase Real Property
  • Offer to Purchase Real Estate
  • General Warranty Deed
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Special Warranty Deed
  • Bill of Sale and Assignment

Commercial Real Estate Leases

  • Commercial lease
  • Sublease and consent 
  • Lessor’s work-letter
  • Certificate confirming lease commencement date
  • Letter of intent to lease store space
  • Checklist regarding preparation of lease
  • Store lease
  • Industrial plant and equipment leas
  • Showroom lease
  • Warehouse space lease
  • Office space sublease
  • Property management agreement

Commercial real estate financing

  • Promissory note secured by deed of trust
  • Deed of trust
  • Assignment of leases and rents
  • Environment indemnity agreement

Purchases and Sales of Personal Property

  • Agreement for Sale of Personal Property
  • Option to Purchase Personal Property
  • Personal Property Exchange Agreement
  • Bill of Sale of Personal Property
  • Assignment Agreement

Sale of Goods

  • Sales Agreement
  • Long-Term Sales Agreement
  • Consignment Agreement

Negotiable Instruments

  • Demand Promissory Note
  • Interest Only Promissory Note
  • Balloon Payment Promissory Note
  • Non-recourse Promissory Note

Internet and Online Transactions

  • Co-Branding Agreement
  • Website contest rules
  • Site terms and conditions of use
  • Terms and conditions of sale
  • Business account terms and conditions
  • Internet advertising contract 
  • Sponsorship agreement

Website Development and Hosting Agreements

  • Website Development Legal Questionnaire
  • Website design agreement
  • Website design and nondisclosure agreement

Internet Content and Development Agreements

  • Website hosting agreement
  • Content development agreement
  • Website content license agreement
  • Commercial linking agreement
  • Website privacy statement

Software Development and Licensing Agreements

  • Computer software license agreement
  • Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) software license agreement
  • Assignment of software copyright
  • Software development agreement
  • Software consulting agreement

Computer Hardware

  • Sale of computer equipment with license to use software
  • Computer hardware lease
  • Service agreement

Intellectual Property

  • Invention disclosure form
  • Patent licensing agreement
  • Patent perfection and protection procedures
  • Patent rights assignment
  • Employee patent, copyright and confidential information agreement
  • Copyright license agreement
  • Assignment of copyright
  • Designer’s proposal and estimate
  • General terms and conditions for design contract
  • Work made for hire and assignment of work produced
  • Technology license agreement
  • Multimedia license agreement
  • Video license agreement
  • Graphics license agreement
  • Art work license agreement
  • Illustration license agreement
  • Music license agreement
  • Trademark license agreement
  • Trademark assignment
  • Service mark license agreement
  • Trademark use policy
  • Trade secret license agreement
  • Trade secret security program
  • Research and development agreement

Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement

  • Nondisclosure agreement
  • Confidentiality & Nondisclosure agreement
  • Confidential disclosure to customer
  • Vendor non-disclosure agreement
  • Mutual confidential data exchange agreement