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Small law firm is searching for an administrative assistant who demonstrates a passion for computers and technology, prefers to work alone, prefers to work with minimal supervision, handles stress, is even-tempered, manages time effectively, enjoys processes, procedures, and protocols, and Continue reading

The Danger of Using Online Forms

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Online services and form repositories now offer blank documents for the creation of wills, the formation of corporations, and even divorce. But how safe Continue reading

Major Changes to Partnership Tax Audits

partnership taxes

Business partnerships and similar entities such as LLCs are “pass-through” entities for income tax purposes, meaning the partnership itself is not taxed, but rather, income to the partnership passes through to each partner who then pays his or her share Continue reading

Has anything changed?

In 1945 President Harry S. Truman said, “Millions of our citizens do not now have a full measure of opportunity to achieve and to enjoy good health. Millions do not now have protection or security against the economic effects of Continue reading

New Start-up Business Bank Account: Step-by-Step

where do i start?

where do i start?

One of the first things you think of when starting a new business is opening a new bank account. You must have the answers to three questions before you open a new business bank account: (1) what is the name of your business, (2) how can you prove that you are authorized to open the account, and (3) what is your tax identification number. Every answer to these three necessary questions has legal consequences.

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Update: Veterans Benefits Aid and Attendance

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A new United States House of Representatives bill, Veterans Care Financial Protection Act of 2016, was introduced on January 8, 2016 by Mr. Cartwright (for himself, Mr. Bishop of Continue reading