Agent, Broker, or REALTOR?

Agent, Broker, or REALTOR?

The terms by which licensed real estate professionals are known can be confusing.  Let’s see if we can sort them out and lessen the ambiguity.

The Texas Real Estate Commission issues two types of licenses to sell real estate.  The first, or entry level, is Salesperson.  Everyone who obtains a license starts out with this license.  A Salesperson must be sponsored and overseen by a Broker.  The rules currently require the candidate to complete 180 classroom hours of core real estate classes to apply for licensure.  A Salesperson is often referred to as simply an “agent.”  Many choose to retain this designation throughout their careers.

In Texas, a Salesperson must practice a minimum of four years (of the 60 months immediately preceding application), and earn 3600 “points” of experience before applying for broker status. A broker candidate must obtain 90 additional core hours plus 630 “related” hours, or obtain at least a Bachelor’s degree.  A broker may operate independently or with any number of other brokers, and may sponsor and take responsibility for agents who are licensed as Salespersons.  Most often, one who holds a Broker license is referred to as a Broker.

A REALTOR (pronounced “Real – Tor”) is simply a licensed agent, either Salesperson or Broker, who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS, the Texas Association of REALTORS, and their local association, such as the San Antonio Board of REALTORS.  REALTORS, a trademarked designation, agree to adhere to a higher standard of ethics than is required by Texas law. For the consumer who desires the services of a real estate professional, the most qualified and reputable choice may well be a broker who is also a REALTOR.


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